Erotisch Verhaal: Betrapt
Erotisch verhaal

Erotisch Verhaal: Betrapt

By Yentl, 01.12.2022

I quickly search for my house key. Why is my bag always such a big jumble? In my head, I hear Thomas repeating this question to me, like he does every time I have lost something. Although terribly annoying, I have to admit that he is right. Shit, now where are those freaking house keys?

Thomas is probably in the shower. Because I rang the doorbell twice already and he is nowhere to be found. 

Yes, gotcha… finally! 

With a hand shivering from the cold, I turn my key in the lock and unlock the door. It is all quiet in the house. I throw my bag in the corner, hang my coat on the coat rack, take off my shoes and put them away. 

Slowly, I walk up the stairs. I do not hear the shower running. 

As soon as I walk into the bedroom, Thomas looks up at me with a caught look in eyes. He is in bed, the sheets crumpled around his body. 

‘Hi,’ I smile. 

‘Hey, what are you doing home so early?’

‘I finished a little sooner than expected. Didn’t you hear the bell?’

‘Yes,’ he confesses, ‘but I thought it was a salesman or something and didn’t feel like answering the door.’

My eyes scan his searchingly, and then shoot across the sheets.

‘What were you doing?’ I ask, with a knowing smile. 

I pull my sweater over my head and slowly roll down my tights. 

‘Nothing, just chilling. What about you, any plans for today?’

His evasive answer makes me laugh. 

Chilling, he calls it, huh. I know what he was really up to. 

With a naughty look, I walk over to him in my bra and skirt. In one quick movement, I pull the sheets off him. 

Only to find exactly what I expected. He lies naked, with his boner in his right hand, his bright eyes looking up at me defiantly.

‘I knew it! Nice going.’ I laugh, amused. 

Caught out, he starts to laugh too.

I cram the sheets into a pile, place my feet on either side of him and hover over him. 

‘I could help you.’

‘Hmmm, delicious.’

His answer says enough. The game is on. 

I move my hands back, slightly behind me, placing them on his toned thighs. Balancing on one hand for a moment, I pull my thong to the side. I can hear my wetness adjusting to the fresh air. 

‘Fuck, that’s a nice view.’

I look down, and see he is right. 

With my legs stretched wide, I am hanging over him. I take hold of his cock and start jerking him off briefly. Then I slide his moist head through my wet folds a few times. I am charged, static. I grip his boner tightly, lowering down and pushing it into me. With an approving sigh, I let myself sink over him completely. 

Soon enough, our moans echo through the bedroom. I place my hands back on his thighs and start rocking myself up and down. 

I am not sure who I am doing this for anymore, whether this is for him or for me really. I meant to give him a hand, but in this position he hits all my most sensitive spots just right. 

Wilder and wilder, I slide my wet pussy over him. Fuck, this feels so good. Thomas gasps and moans, clearly enjoying the view and the new turn his solo session has taken. 

‘Jesus, you do this so well.’

His compliment catches on. I give myself a few moments rest, then put my knees on the mattress and fully sit on top of him so I can rock my hips back and forth. 

‘Yes, I love this. It’s so good when you ride me.’

My hands reach for my bra and I pull it down a bit to release my breasts. Half-supported by my bra, they dance towards freedom. My nipples are hard, but it has been a long time since they were this hard. They eagerly poke the air.

I take one nipple between my thumb and forefinger and playfully start circling it. It feels so intense that my body starts jolting in no time. 

‘Fuck’ he growls heatedly.

I place my feet on the matrass again and bring myself back into position. Ready to bounce up and down again. 

Oh. That sensitive inner spot again. I don’t know how long I can keep this up. One of his hands has grabbed my breast, which he is kneading greedily. Completely out of breath and in a panting voice I let him know how good it feels. He groans in agreement. 

‘Yes, I’m going to come,’ he exclaims with a loud moan. ‘Keep going, keep going. Fuck. Yes!’

His body starts to jerk and I feel the undulating movement of his warm cock between my wet labia. I move up slightly, and gradually higher, to let his cum slide down his shaft. 

He looks at it with his mouth open. He moans uncontrollably and his breathing sounds hoarse. 

For a moment, I hang over him, to let the last drop slide over the head of his cock. 

‘Jesus,’ he sighs loudly. 

He puts an arm behind his head and looks down at the mess we have made. I am a bit envious… I feel it’s my turn to come now. 

I grab his cock, yank it a few times and lower myself back over him. Soon enough, I get into a feverish rhythm.

Faster and faster, I move up and down his hard shaft. So determined I don’t even notice the acidification in my legs. My soul focus on the delicious friction between his hard cock and my soft wetness. When he finds the audacity to press his thumb against my clit, the unexpected additional friction makes me explode. I come, mercilessly hard. 

I groan loudly and it sounds more like a pleading wail. My legs are trembling and I feel my insides pulsating around him. 

Panting, I lower myself and wait for the most intense waves to pass. Slowly coming back to my senses. Then, carefully, I climb off him. With my fingers, I spread the last traces of his juice across my pussy and then pull my thong back into place. I sigh in conclusion, completely satisfied.

‘Now, to get back to your question … I’ll leave you to it and take a quick shower.’

I stand up smiling, turn my back to him and push my butt back a little. Excruciatingly slowly, I pull my skirt back down. I adjust my bra, covering my breasts again and pick up my sweater from the floor. I look back at him with a cheeky grin, and wink before walking towards the bathroom. 

I’d say getting caught is not such a bad thing.

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