Erotisch Verhaal: Dubbel genieten
Erotisch verhaal

Erotisch Verhaal: Dubbel genieten

By Yentl, 24.11.2022

‘Yes, I want to!’

‘Are you sure?’ His voice sounds soft and caring.

‘Yes, I’m sure.’

His eyes shoot from my hips to the tiled wall of the shower stall. Then he takes hold of the dildo, keeps the suction cup under the water jet and carefully presses it against one of the tiles next to me.

Not so long ago I finally decided to suggest it; double penetration. I have been curious about it for quite some time now, but I have never dared to mention it before. I don’t know why. Tension probably had something to do with it. We could have chosen to go all the way immediately, and involve a real penis, with accompanying man, but that idea made it just a little too real. So we take things easy, we start with a dildo. After all, taking things a step further is still an option. Just probe a little first feels right for now.

The shower stall fills up with steam and I watch how the water keeps falling on his blond hair. With his firm fingers he sweeps some strands from his face and smiles mischievously. I realize that this is also exciting for him. Of course this is a new sensation for him too. Sometimes, we have anal sex and we also use a butt plug occasionally, but this … this will undoubtedly be a different experience.

His hand slides down my breasts.

‘You’re really hot, you know.’

His voice sounds controlled. His words resonate deeply within me, kindling a flame. I am starting to glow.

As my eyes wander down toward his manhood, he makes his first move.

He presses his warm, wet body against mine and kisses my neck. His fingertips slide from my shoulder, down my arm and eventually reach my buttocks.

I bring my lips close to his ear and softly whisper that I am his. He grunts. His fingers disappear somewhere between my butt cheeks and he playfully starts putting pressure around my butt hole. This immediately catches my attention and I hold my breath for a moment. On my front side, I feel his moist dick willingly jabbing my skin. He will really have to wait a little longer.

He decisively lifts my right leg and places it around his waist. He has easier access this way, and carefully pushes the tip of his finger inside of me. For a moment, my body protests, as it does more often when he wants to slide something into my butt hole.

‘Hmm.’ I moan briefly and then feel my body sucking his finger further inside.

Gently, he starts fingering my ass. It feels raw, tight and immensely thrilling.

I am sure. I want to feel double penetration.

Desires shoot wildly through my body. I bury my nails into his butt cheeks, looking for something to hold on to. He moans in response. He withdraws his finger, grabs the tube of lubricant and spreads a generous amount over his hands. Carefully, he starts to rub in the dildo. The bit that remains, he smears between my butt cheeks. With both hands he takes a hold of my hips and positions me in front of the dildo. Like an erect lifelike penis, it sticks out and up a little. Slippery, it slides between my butt cheeks.

I reach back with my hands to guide it and feel the silicone head pressing against my anus. I exhale deeply and push my ass backwards. My behind slides over the top, the shaft, eventually touching the balls of my dildo. My leg is dangling somewhere around his waist and I slowly start to move. Again, that raw and satisfyingly filled feeling. I am captivated. I allow pure horniness to take over, naughtily put one of my fingers into my mouth and start sucking on it.

‘O, baby. See how fucking hard you make me.’

He proudly looks down and I follow his gaze. His cock is erect, and very hard. I let my hand touch it and kiss him firmly on the mouth.

Briefly, I tug on his cock to get him to move into my direction. Before I know it, his top is wetly pressing against my clit. Now is the time. I am ready.

He gives me a last questioning look, seeking my confirmation. I nod and let him lift me up. The dildo almost slides out of my back hole while he positions my pussy above him. He gently lowers me over him and slides the dildo back in. This feeling is indescribable. Feeling filled up is an understatement. This feels vulnerable and full. Overwhelming and, above all, horny as hell.

Slowly, he steps up the rhythm, gradually moving faster and deeper, back and forth.

‘Jesus, you feel so full. You’re even tighter for me now.’

I take this as a compliment and instantly a sense of pride shoots through me. In response, I start moaning uncontrollably. I can tell from his whole stance that he can hardly contain himself and he loudly moans with me.

We can barely see through the glass wall of the shower stall now. The tiles no longer feel cold against my back and the faucet feels at least ten times hotter than before. I seem to relax completely and surrender to all the intense desires that have come into play here. This is even better than I imagined. And believe me, I fantasized about this a lot before I dared to talk about this and propose this idea. And now, here, in this moment, in the full pleasure of double penetration, I repeatedly thank myself for finally daring to do it.

‘I can’t hold it anymore. Fuck. I’m gonna come.’

His movements have become very wild by now. The short pleasant pain sensation in my behind is gone, my body adjusted and now pain has given way to pure pleasure. My pussy, clit and anus, it all feels intensely sensitive. In the distance, I sense my orgasm approaching from afar, but it feels different this time. I feel a certain pressure. It almost feels like I have to pee.

‘It feels so good to fuck you like this!’

His exclamation echoes through the bathroom and I feel his body begin to shake. I feel his arms loosening their hold on me and how he empties himself inside of me with jarring movements.

I am wet, soaking wet, and the shower has nothing to do with it.

‘I think I’m close too!’ I gasp, both surprised and excited.

The pressure is building up. He moves me back and forth a few times more and when he accidentally slides out of me, his last movement is followed by a fountain of my cum.

My body starts to shake, I try to keep standing. Try to control the moaning my mouth is releasing, all by itself it seems.

He looks at me proudly.

‘Were you squirting?’ He smiles.

I do my best to answer, but only manage to mumble something unintelligible. He puts his arms around me to keep me upright. I take a moment to recover, and feel cherished, his warm wet body against mine.

This might not have been the real deal, but holy fuck, this was good. I am already looking forward to practicing again. Until I do dare. And believe me, that day will definitely come.

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